Can I Bring Alcohol On Eurostar?

Can I Bring Alcohol On Eurostar
We appreciate that passengers often want to bring a few bottles back from their trip and we are happy for customers to bring unopened bottles of alcohol to take on to their destination. Any passengers with large quantities will need to contact a courier service.

  1. Although you can bring alcohol with you and we serve alcohol on board, safety is our top priority.
  2. So, please drink in moderation.
  3. If you behave in an antisocial way which ruins the journey for other passengers or break any laws or by-laws, we might ask you to leave the train at the nearest station.
  4. Night ski trains and trains taking fans to or from a sports event As a result of some incidents on these services, we don’t sell alcohol on board or allow travellers to bring their own alcohol with them.

Any alcohol is confiscated during check-in and only non-alcoholic drinks in sealed bottles are allowed to pass through security at your departure station.

Can I take a bottle of whisky on Eurostar?

As long as you don’t intend drinking them on the journey, they are in your packed luggage and remain unopened you won’t have a problem J.

Can you take liquids on the Eurostar?

On Eurostar there’s no weight limit for your luggage, but you must be able to carry and lift your bags safely on your own, as there is no porter service at the station and our teams are unfortunately unable to help with luggage. Each bag can be up to 85cm long at its widest point and should be clearly labelled.

Can you bring food and drink on Eurostar?

Yes. If you’re in Standard Premier or Business Premier, we’ll serve a meal and drinks at your seat. If you’d like to request a special meal, just log in to Manage a booking and let us know at least 48 hours before you travel. If you’re travelling in Standard, you can pop along to Café Métropole, our onboard bar buffet, to pick up drinks, snacks and meals en route. Café Métropole can be found in coaches 6 and 13 on our original trains and e300 and coaches 8 and 9 on an e320. You can pay with euros or pounds in cash or with Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, Maestro International, American Express or Delta. Unfortunately we can’t accept personal cheques, pre-loaded cash cards or traveller’s cheques in any currency. When paying by card, we may ask to see your passport or other ID. Can you take food on the Eurostar? You’re welcome to bring your own food from home. Unlike airlines, there are no restrictions on liquids so you can even bring a bottle of bubbly. Find out more about food on board > Check our alcohol policy >

Do your bags get checked on Eurostar?

Eurostar luggage allowance –

The ticket price includes 2 luggage per pax (up to 85cm long), You don’t need to check in luggage as long as it’s within your allowance. There is no luggage weight restriction on Eurostar; you just have to be able to carry your bags onto the train.

Can you bring alcohol from Paris to London?

Alcohol allowance – How much you can bring depends on the type of alcohol. You can bring in:

beer – 42 litres wine (still) – 18 litres

You can also bring in either:

spirits and other liquors over 22% alcohol – 4 litres sparkling wine, fortified wine (for example port, sherry) and other alcoholic drinks up to 22% alcohol (not including beer or still wine) – 9 litres

You can split this last allowance, for example you could bring 4.5 litres of fortified wine and 2 litres of spirits (both half of your allowance). You may have to pay import VAT, customs duty and excise duty on alcohol you declare.

Can you drink alcohol on train in France?

Toolkit: Top Tips For Train Travel in France – While it may seem like any other country, train travel in France has a long respected tradition and history to be aware of. Make sure you know the rules before getting stranded on the SNCF! Train travel has held significant importance in France since the 1930’s with the unification of independent train lines to create the SNCF, or the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français,

Remember to ‘composter votre billet’ otherwise you could risk a fine on the train. To do this there are small machines, usually yellow in colour, dotted around the station. To make life harder they are often dotted in quite obscure and random places so the whole process can be easily forgotten, make sure not to make this mistake.

As we all know, Sunday in France is often pretty quiet! You can almost guarantee therefore that on a Sunday there will be a significant decrease in the number of trains and if you do manage to get on one, there is quite a high chance that it will be delayed! This may be a generalisation but this is usually the case, so it may be better to plan your trips around this day of the week!

The French are often prone to go on strike and there is no exception on trains so be prepared for your train to be cancelled or delayed. That being said, when there isn’t a strike, trains in France are incredibly efficient and arrive and depart according to their exact times. So, there is no time for dawdling! When you are at the station make sure to get to your platform on time and ready to board before the train arrives into the station.

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Look where your seat is, there are often indications of where the carriages will be when the train arrives into the platform on a board (an electronic panel displaying a map of the train). You should try to stand where your carriage will be so that you do not have to walk through all of the carriages. This will help you as sometimes TGV trains are quite long and split off at various locations to go to different places, make sure you are on the right end of the train or you may end up somewhere completely unexpected!

Most long distance trains have a restaurant café where you can buy snacks or a meal for your journey but if you do not feel for train food you can of course bring your own, even a bottle of wine if you want to really be in keeping with the French, as there are of course no rules against drinking wine and eating cheese on a French train!

Bon voyage!

Do you have to go through customs on Eurostar?

What do I need to know about Eurostar check in? Catching the Eurostar is a little different from catching a normal train, as you’ll have to pass through customs before you can board. With that in mind, we’d always recommend you giving yourself extra time to allow for any hold ups. To check in, you’ll need –

When you arrive at the ticket gates, simply scan the barcode on your paper ticket or on your mobile. You need to scan each ticket individually – even the kids’. A valid passport or identity card – even children and babies will need one.

You don’t need to check in luggage, so long as you’re within the allowance and can carry it yourself. When does check in for Eurostar open?

Check in opens between one and one and a half hours before departure and closes 30 minutes before departure. But, you must be there 45 minutes before departure to make sure you get through customs and pass the necessary checks before boarding. If you turn up within 30 minutes of departure (10 minutes if you hold a Eurostar card or Business Premier Flexi ticket), you might not be allowed to board.

Do I have to wear a mask on Eurostar?

For everyone’s comfort, we recommend wearing a mask on board our trains. You’re not required to take any COVID-19 tests, complete any forms or quarantine on arrival. This applies to ALL travellers, regardless of vaccination status.

Why is Paris London train so expensive?

Because it runs without a public subsidy. In Paris, fares cover about a third of the Metro’s operating expenses. In Berlin, about 70% of the U-bahn running costs are covered from ticket sales. While in London, all expenses have to be covered from ticket fares revenue.

Can I eat my own food on Eurostar?

10 Reasons to Love the Eurostar Here at Flight Centre we love everything to do with flying. Everything from the excitement at the airport to browsing the duty-free to watching the world whizz by from above the clouds. So while we do love flying, we also love the ease of travelling by Eurostar which can take you to some of our favourite cities like,, Brussels,, Geneva and Zurich. I recently took the Eurostar to Brussels and was reminded of how much I love this speedy service. Here are some reasons why the Eurostar is a great way to travel and some tips for anyone travelling this way. Of course, the most obvious reason to love the Eurostar is because it’s so quick.

  1. You can be in Brussels or Paris in just two hours.
  2. Planes may be slightly quicker but the extra time spent in airports can add hours on to your journey.
  3. When boarding the Eurostar you only need to arrive at St Pancras train station 30 minutes before your train leaves.
  4. Of course, it’s a good idea to arrive a little earlier just to be safe but there’s no need to arrive 2 hours early like you would on a plane.

The gorgeous Kings Cross St Pancras train station is centrally located in London so it’s cheaper and easier to get to than airports like Luton and Heathrow. It does mean that you may need to battle with the London commuters so make sure you’re a little earlier if you’re travelling around rush hour. There are no food restrictions on the Eurostar so you’re free to take a packed lunch and even a flask of tea or coffee so you can have your very own train picnic. Plane food and even airport food is notoriously over priced and terrible quality so save your pennies for when you arrive at your destination and make the most of the BYO.

  1. In comparison to a budget airline there is much more leg room on the Eurostar.
  2. Unless you’re in the first class carriage, leggy passengers may still feel a little cramped but there is much more space to get up and stretch your legs.
  3. You’re not confined to your seat during ‘take-off’ and ‘landing’ too so you’re free to have a wander around.

If you’ve ditched old-fashioned paperbacks, newspapers and magazines for electronic alternatives then you’ll probably find yourself at a loose end during takeoff and landing when you have to turn off your electrical devices on a plane. On the Eurostar you’re free to use any gadgets you please, just keep your headphones in for films and games! There are luggage restrictions on the Eurostar but you are allowed to take up to three bags which don’t need to be checked into a separate area.

  1. This means that you won’t need to queue up and wait at the carousel when you arrive and there’s no chance of your luggage going missing.
  2. Without the stress of airport security, confined spaces, trying to track down taxis and endless queues, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready for your holiday.
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Is there duty free at Amsterdam Eurostar?

No there isn’t.

How early do I need to arrive for Eurostar?

London St Pancras International

Standard & Standard Premier Special Assist
How long before departure should I arrive? (mins) 90 60-75
How long before departure does the gate close? (mins) 30 30

What is not allowed on Eurostar?

All explosives: military shells (including war souvenirs and relics), detonators, smoke cartridges, grenades, mines, explosive military stores, imitation devices, fireworks, flares, pyrotechnics.

Can I bring wine on Eurostar?

Passengers Furious As Eurostar Introduces New Alcohol Restrictions In the past, Eurostar hadn’t limited the amount of alcohol it allowed onboard its trains. New regulations, however, caused an outcry on social media last week because Eurostar started restricting passengers to either one bottle of wine per person or 4 bottles/cans of beer.

  • No large bottles of spirits were allowed at all.
  • The ban affected trains traveling between Britain and Continental Europe.
  • A Eurostar Train At St Pancras Railway Station, London, England Getty Alcohol has always been prohibited on night ski trains and trains to and from sporting events but that Eurostar changed its regulations regarding other trips last year, but people only became aware of the changes this month.

Part of people’s anger was in Eurostar’s perceived hypocrisy; alcohol is freely available at all major Eurostar stations and in First Class carriages and is even used as a way of enticing people to travel by train in that – as written on the Eurostar website–they can “bring back a bottle or two from a chateau-hopping trip.” A spokesman for Eurostar said its luggage policy was updated to “maintain a pleasant environment on board for all our travelers” but many felt it had been introduced as a money-making device–passengers were being encouraged to transport prohibited alcohol items through the firm’s luggage service, which charges a minimum fee of £30 per item.

The glass exterior of London’s iconic St Pancras international station which serves European and,U.K. long-distance destinations Getty Mark Smith is a rail expert who runs the train company, which offers advice on how best to travel by train. This week his response to the new regulations, citing the fact that as a train, Eurostar shouldn’t be treating customers in the same way as an airline: Eurostar has quietly changed its luggage policy, and now no-one is allowed on with even a small bottle of spirits given (or to be given) as a present for example.

And no more than 1 bottle of wine. This is completely unnecessary. Eurostar is a TRAIN not a plane. Since its opening in 1994, Eurostar has used celebrities to, A train can now travel from London to Paris in 2 hours 15 minutes and, despite running heavily over budget during its construction phase,.

  • It heralded the decline of ferry travel to and from continental Europe.
  • Britain’s that there were some supporters of the ban on Twitter this week, citing Britain’s bad reputation when it comes to alcohol as a good reason to support the rail company.
  • One supporter tweeted: Unfortunately Brits have a reputation of being pissheads.

This, together with the disregard for not respecting laws outside the U.K., has probably contributed to Eurostar’s decision. It’s unfortunate but the minority can spoil it for everyone. Inner view of shopping mall inside Kings Cross Station, the national rail station connected to St,

  • Pancras. Getty The ban joined a crackdown in 14 U.K.
  • Airports on controlling passengers who have had “.” The campaign of the same name promises more than not being allowed aboard the airline; inebriated passengers could now be charged £5,000, face up to 2 years in prison or even have to pay an £80,000 fine if the plane is diverted mid-flight.

After the public outcry, Eurostar backed down yesterday. that Eurostar changed its guidance to say that unopened bottles of alcohol can now be taken by passengers to their destination, but “reserves the right to confiscate excessive amounts for consumption on the journey”.

Alcohol including World War relics (which are often taken onboard because many people use the Eurostar to travel to and from memorial sites where they buy souvenirs) and which Eurostar says are often the cause of ” frequent station evacuations and significant travel delays when detected.” You can, however, travel with €10,000 or more, providing you declare it at customs either when entering or leaving the European Union.

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****** This article was updated on June 27th, 2019 to reflect Eurostar’s change in policy following the public outcry on social media. : Passengers Furious As Eurostar Introduces New Alcohol Restrictions

Where do you put your suitcase on the Eurostar?

Luggage on trains is simple. – Taking luggage on trains is simple, don’t over-think it. You take your bags into the train with you and put them on the rack above your seat, or in the space between the seat backs, or on floor-standing racks at the car ends or in the seating area.

  • On local & regional trains you usually just stick bags on the floor.
  • There’s usually no separate baggage car on European trains.
  • For most practical purposes there are no luggage limits as long as you can carry it yourself.
  • Unlike travelling by air, you do not check your bags in, nobody weighs them, measures them or argues about their size or weight – unless you try to move house by train! You have access to your bags throughout the journey and they don’t end up at an airport a thousand miles away from you.

It really is that simple.

How much alcohol can you bring on Eurotunnel?

UK duty-free allowances –

Beer – 42 litres Wine (not sparkling) – 18 litres

Plus either:

Spirits and other liquors over 22% alcohol – 4 litres; or Fortified wine (for example port, sherry), sparkling wine and alcoholic drinks up to 22% alcohol – 9 litres

NB: You can split this last allowance, for example you could bring 4.5 litres of fortified wine and 2 litres of spirits (both half of your allowance). Find out more about tax-free shopping with Eurotunnel here,

Do you have to declare alcohol in France?

* Persons under 17 are not entitled to the tobacco or alcohol allowance. Important: you must declare to Customs any goods in excess of €150, €300, or €430 (see table above) that you are carrying, and pay the corresponding duties and taxes.

Can you bring alcohol in a checked bag to France?

You should use a transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 liter to carry all alcohol containers. No individual container should have a capacity of over 100 ml. Please read the special rules for duty-free items purchased on board or at the airport in the ‘transporting liquids section’.

Can you kiss on a train in France?

Since 1910, in accordance with a law introduced by the Société national du Chemin de fer (the precursor to the SNCF), it has been illegal to kiss in French train stations and especially on their platforms. The ban was intended to avoid costly delays to the service and overcrowding in the stations.

Can you take your own alcohol on a train?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drink on the train.

Is kissing prohibited on trains in France?

3. Don’t kiss in a French train station – The SNCF (French railways) got tired of the delays caused by couples kissing their farewells on platforms. Thus was born this weird French law that prohibits making out once the train has pulled up to the station. Can I Bring Alcohol On Eurostar Find out more about the SNCF in our guide to French public transportation, If you’re curious about greeting customs in Europe, check out our article on public displays of affection,

Can I travel with a bottle of whiskey?

2. Checked Baggage Limitations – If you want to travel with quantities of whiskey greater than what you can carry in 3-ounce bottles, you will need to pack it in your checked luggage. Even if you do, though, you can’t travel with just anything. The TSA prohibits any type of air travel with whiskey — or other liquors — more than 140 proof.

Can I take a bottle of whisky to France?

Make Sure It’s None of the Following Restricted Items – You can only send certain items into France. There are some restrictions that dictate what is allowed. These restrictions include:

Drinks or other liquids over 1L or containing alcohol over 24% ABV (vodka, whisky, rum). There are restrictions on some foods like vegetables, fruit, seeds, meat, fish, and dairy. Toiletries including aerosols, perfumes, aftershave, nail varnish (or polish or gel), or liquids over 1l are not allowed. Tobacco or manufactured tobacco substitutes, along with e-cigarettes, are prohibited and restricted at various levels. Medicines, vaccines, and medical and surgical instruments may all be restricted. Valuable items may not be eligible for posting; check restrictions of coins, banknotes, jewellery, precious metals, pearls, stones, etc.

How much alcohol can you take on the Eurotunnel?

UK duty-free allowances –

Beer – 42 litres Wine (not sparkling) – 18 litres

Plus either:

Spirits and other liquors over 22% alcohol – 4 litres; or Fortified wine (for example port, sherry), sparkling wine and alcoholic drinks up to 22% alcohol – 9 litres

NB: You can split this last allowance, for example you could bring 4.5 litres of fortified wine and 2 litres of spirits (both half of your allowance). Find out more about tax-free shopping with Eurotunnel here,

What is the maximum liquid you can take on Eurostar?

Unlike airlines, we don’t limit the volume of liquids you can carry, so you can take all your toiletries with you, and even squeeze in a bottle of bubbly for the trip if you like.