How To Hide Alcohol?

How To Hide Alcohol
1. Lotion bottle – How To Hide Alcohol If you want to hide alcohol, simply empty a tube or bottle of lotion and refill with booze. Or if you want to be really crafty, and probably safer, put your booze in a food bag and push to the bottom of the bottle. That way if they open it up and sniff it or look at it, there will still be sunscreen on the top to throw them off the scent. from Amazon. This is one of the best ways to hide alcohol when you’re trying to get the booze into the festival.

What can I put alcohol in to hide it?

Download Article Download Article You can easily hide your alcohol and keep it close by changing the container it’s in or by storing somewhere it’s not likely to be found. You might have to get creative with the ways of going about this, though, especially if you’re trying to hide your drink of choice from others who might want some.

  1. 1 Go classic with a hip flask. The easiest way to make a small amount of liquor portable and keep it in your pocket, bag, or purse is to transfer it into a hip flask, These usually hold about 8 oz. of liquid, are available in stainless steel and other materials, and are relatively cheap to buy. They’re usually made to fit comfortably in the interior jacket pocket of a men’s coat.
    • To clean out a hip flask, rinse it with hot water and leave it open on the counter overnight to dry. Never put soap in a hip flask, because it can be very difficult to clean out thoroughly, and you might leave a soapy residue around for your next shot of scotch.
  2. 2 Paper-bag beers and pint bottles to keep them hidden in plain sight. If you want to sit in the park and enjoy an adult beverage, ask for a paper bag at the liquor store. In most places, it’s illegal to drink in public, but “brown-bagging” a beverage is often enough to avoid giving police probable cause to search you, meaning–even though it’s obvious what you’ve got in there–most police departments are happy to leave well enough alone and focus on other concerns as a departmental policy.
    • Please note that this method involves negotiating a legal gray area. It’s illegal in the United States to consume alcohol in public, technically, and many small-town cops might take pleasure in inventing probable cause to search you if you appear drunk or disorderly. If you want to brown-bag, you’ll do so at a risk.


  3. 3 Keep beer cans in a cozy. Novelty beer cozies can help keep cans of beer cold, and also make them look an awful lot like cans of soda. Like brown-bags, cozies big enough to obscure the brand label on the can will keep people off your back if you want to have a few cold ones without hassle.
    • Make a soda can cozy to keep beers in. If you don’t have a cozy, snip the top inch or so off of a soda can, slot your beer into it, and voila. It’ll look like you’re drinking Dr. Pepper.
  4. 4 Hide your alcohol in other bottles. One of the best ways to mask the presence of alcohol and hide it in plain sight is to pour it into an inconspicuous bottle, then carry it as if it were water, soda, or some other beverage. No one need be the wiser. Opaque Nalgene bottles, or other all-purpose water bottles are perfect for hiding booze.
    • Put vodka, gin, and other clear spirits in water bottles. Make sure you leave the cap on at all times, when you’re not drinking, to avoid the strong smell attracting attention.
    • Hide wine in Nalgenes, in fruit-drink bottles, or Vitamin Water containers. These colored liquids should look similar to the color and texture of wine, making it pass an initial eye test.
  5. 5 Put alcohol in a Camelbak, or other portable “water” container. CamelBaks are backpacks designed for hiking and transporting water, and they’re great for hiding booze on the down-low. These can be excellent for porting any kind of illicit liquid. They usually feature a long rubber straw clipped to the shoulder-strap, which you can use to drink from.
  6. 6 Consider the “wine rack.” Similar to the Camelbak, the wine rack is so hidden it’s under your clothes. A basic sports bra that features as much as 20 oz. of space to hide liquid, and an accompanying straw, the wine-rack is perfect if you don’t mind drinking, uh, body-temperature booze from your own brassiere. They’re commonly sold at places like Urban Outfitters and other novelty stores.
  7. 7 Hide booze in food bags. While a bottle of Jack Daniels will draw glares if you’re in public, a bag of Doritos usually won’t. If you’re somewhere you can have a cooler and some food handy, use an empty bag of potato chips, or some other snack of choice, to cloak the bottle. Drape it over the liquor upside down, then cut a little hole in the bottom of the bag for the neck to fit through. No one walking by your picnic will be the wiser.
  8. 8 Mix your drink ahead of time. One of the best ways to hide alcohol in plain sight is mixing up a mixed drink like a rum and coke, or a whiskey and ginger, but doing it in the can or bottle of the soda you’re using as a mixer. The color will be basically the same, the smell won’t be as strong, and you’ll be able to bring sodas with you into most places.
    • This works just as well for fountain drinks. If you’ve got a Big Gulp going, spike it and enjoy your mixed drink without hassle.
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  1. 1 Get past the gate. If you want to sneak some alcohol into an event, or into a location that you’re not supposed to have it, your first goal will be getting through the door. This will vary, depending on the venue itself, but there are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid getting caught before you can even get your drink on.
    • To get past the security guard or gate at a dorm, hide booze in a backpack, a packing box, or at the bottom of a big bag of groceries. If you can, split up beers into multiple bags, to avoid that noticeable clinking and clanking. If you’re in a big group, split up, and look grim and humorless, not as if you’re about to party on the down-low.
    • To get booze into the movie theatre, pick something that won’t have a strong smell, mixing some liquor into a big bottle of soda or bringing some wine in other sorts of bottles, and sneaking them in purses. Cans or bottles of beer make noise challenges, as well as an awkward trash situation at the end, and straight liquor will have your neighbors crinkling their noses.
    • To get alcohol into a festival or music venue and drink on the cheap, it’s important to figure out the security beforehand. Often, bags and purses will be searched, and outside drinks will be confiscated, making the vodka water bottle a no-go. Most venues and festivals, however, won’t frisk people or search people hard, not carrying bags, so it’s a better idea to go the hip-flask route.
  2. 2 Act natural. If you’re drinking somewhere you’re not supposed to, the number one rule of the day is to chill out. No loud, thumping bass in the dorm room, no yelling while passing the flask down the aisle at the movie, and no conspicuous swigs from your illicit bottle snuck into the concert. Unless you want to get kicked out, you’ve got to treat it like business as usual.
    • Ask super-drunk or loud-drunk friends to leave, and cut them off. Aside from being irritating, conspicuous drunks are much more likely to get you caught and attract attention. Make a quiet and calm affair, not a raucous party.
  3. 3 Use code words with your friends. If you’re drinking in a friend’s basement or dorm room and need to keep the boozy chatter to a minimum, invent code words to use so no wandering resident assistants, nosy neighbors, or little brothers will hear the buzzwords. Instead of shot, say you’re going to take a button, or call a beer a biohazard. It’ll be fun, and you’ll keep it safe.
  4. 4 Take care of your trash. Sneaking booze into the dry zones is all fun and good until someone leaves a wizard staff of PBR cans out on the floor in plain sight. Whoops. Make sure to keep close tabs on all the garbage and dirty glasses that come from a night of drinking. Cups reeking of vodka are just as likely to get you caught as an empty bottle.
    • If you’re in the dorm, try to keep some black plastic garbage bags lying around for just the occasion. You won’t have to worry about sneaking out bottles a few at a time if you’ve got an opaque bag to sneak them out in plain sight.
  5. 5 Try to drink at an odd hour. Sneaking a couple beers into the movie theatre, or having a beer bash in your dorm room will be a lot easier if you’re doing it during matinee hours, or a Tuesday, as opposed to prime time on a Saturday night. Busy, packed theaters are much more likely to get you caught, and the RA is probably a lot more likely to be on alert during party hours, ready to crash yours. Stay ahead of the game and do it when they’ll least expect it.
  6. 6 Go early to your event. Some events will have their door security start only when things start to get busier. Going early can have things go more smoothly.
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  1. 1 Consider your options. Sometimes you might need to hide a quick bottle or two from some judgmental person, but sometimes it might be you who needs to open your eyes and look around. If you’re taking steps to hide alcohol in your own home, this can be a sign of a serious drinking problem. If you’re struggling with alcohol dependence, stop hiding it, admit you have a problem, and seek help immediately, Hiding alcohol won’t help in the long run.
  2. 2 Hide alcohol in the toilet tank. A cool and out of the way hiding spot for a bottle or two of booze? Try the toilet tank. The water that comes into the back of the tank is clean, meaning you won’t have to worry about germs, and as long as your toilet is running properly, most people are unlikely to open up the tank to take a look.
    • You can tie the neck of the bottle to the ball joint in the toilet, to keep it from rattling around much. Make sure the toilet still functions properly, or you’ll get caught more quickly.
  3. 3 Hide it behind books in your bookcase. If you’ve got a lot of books or DVDs lined up, slip a few bottles behind them, and pull the books to the front of the shelf to create enough space. It’s good feng shui anyway.
  4. 4 Stuff bottles in your shoes. Winter boots, Uggs, and cowboy boots are perfectly shaped for slotting illicit bottles into. If you’ve got a lot of shoes, you can sneak a bottle or two into them and keep them at the back of your closet for safe-keeping. Just remember where you put them, so you won’t jam your foot in accidentally.
  5. 5 Hide it at the bottom of your laundry. Most RAs will be unlikely to dig through your dirty laundry to look for contraband. If you need a good place to slip a bottle, try the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper. As long as you’re the one who does your laundry, it’s a solid hiding place.
  6. 6 Learn the habits of the person who’s looking. If you need to hide booze in your house, try to get a read on the person doing the searching. If an RA comes knocking every Wednesday, don’t worry about finding a hiding place, just get the booze out of there before Wednesday. Problem solved. If your mom cleans your room, start cleaning it yourself so you won’t have to worry about being straightened up on.
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  • Question Where else would one hide alcohol in the house? Under beds, dressers, etc. Just stuff the alcohol far back and put something else in front.
  • Question How can I hide the smell of alcohol? Take a shower and chew gum or suck on mints to mask the smell. Drinking vodka is your best option because it is mostly odorless.
  • Question If made right, how long will a good moonshine last in jars? If it is sealed, it’s good about five years or until you break the seal. Moonshine is lethal; the longer you leave it, the stronger it gets, so just remember that.

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  • Sneaking alcohol into dorm rooms, venues, and other places is illegal and can get you kicked out of school and in trouble with the law. Sneak booze at your own risk.
  • If you have a drinking problem, don’t hide alcohol. Get help.

Advertisement Article Summary X To hide alcohol, disguise the bottle in an empty food bag, like a chip bag that nobody would question. Alternatively, pour clear vodka or gin into a water bottle, where it will look just like water. You can also put any kind of alcohol into a hip flask, which is small enough to carry in your pocket or purse.

How can I hide alcohol at home?

In Dresser Drawers – Dresser drawers are a convenient place to hide alcohol in a way that’s both hard to detect and easy to access. Most drawers have plenty of room for small bottles, which can be stashed between folded items, in socks or in back corners.

How long does alcohol smell last?

How Long Does Alcohol Stay on My Breath? – Alcohol can be detected on the breath for 12 to 24 hours after the last drink. Suppose that you have a few drinks and take an Uber home. You get up early the next morning and drive to work. Your liver may have metabolized the alcohol, and therefore your BAC is under the legal limit (or zero), but the odor of alcohol is still on your breath.

Does vodka have a smell?

What is the best way to get rid of the smell of alcohol on one”s breath after a heavy night”s boozing? | Notes and Queries |

  • What is the best way to get rid of the smell of alcohol on one’s breath after a heavy night’s boozing?
  • Michael Marshall, Nagoya, Japan
  • Alcohol doesn’t have any smell. It’s the hops, barley and other “stuff” that you can smell on your breath. The answer is to drink a clear spirit (or white spirit! – perhaps not) such as vodka.
    1. John De-Hayes, Loughborough, UK
  • Wait. Or, better, stop drinking.
    • Christian Richard, London
  • Curry for breakfast.
    1. Fergus McGee, Dublin, Ireland
  • I must disagree with John De-Hayes reply. Alcohol does have it’s own particular smell and if enough has been imbibed the ethanol can be smelt on the breath the next day. This usually requires a fair bit to be taken and can only be masked by stronger smelling things eg strong mints, and yes, probably curry for breakfast. True connosieurs, as John De-Hayes suggests, could probably tell the exact nature of the source of the ethanol.
    • Stuart Young, Penrith, UK
  • Chew garlic.
    1. Mark McDonnell, Manchester, UK
  • Put a clothes-peg on your nose.
    • Matt Harris, Recife, Brazil
  • The brother of a friend of mine who is, sadly, an alcoholic, told me that the best way is to dip your finger in aftershave and run it across your top lip. Better than drinking it, I suppose.
    1. Stephen Buckland, Kingston upon Thames UK
  • Drink vinegar: malt vinegar, cider vinegar, or rice vinegar.
    • John, Spokane, USA
  • A spoon full of peanut butter works very well for about a half hour window,so keep it with you!
    1. Keith, Virginia, United States
  • COUGH DROPS and Cafe works for least for TOMORROW.hopefully so.
    • Anthony, Lorton Virginia USA
  • A heavy nightÂ’s boozing means passing out almost one whole night at night club or party. It means receiving of mental pleasure at the cost of physical hazard and hard-earned money. After only mental satisfaction one thinks of a petty matter, i.e., how to get rid of the smell of alcohol on oneÂ’s breath. Friend, change your habit completely by being a teetotaller. In this process, you not only ensure some savings, but also keep your internal organs intact. Moreover, you may pass some precious time with your children and wife.
    1. Biswanath Bhattacharjee, Bhadreshwar, Hooghly, West Bengal, India India

: What is the best way to get rid of the smell of alcohol on one”s breath after a heavy night”s boozing? | Notes and Queries |

Where do kids hide alcohol?

Article at a Glance: –

It can be difficult to tell if a teen has an alcohol problem because of the many ways to hide it. Teens may hide alcohol in mouthwash and shampoo bottles. Sports drink bottles, hidden flasks, and fake water bottles are other places where teens hide alcohol. Boisterous behavior, depression, and memory loss are signs of teen alcohol use. It is important to talk to your teen about alcohol use and listen without judgment.

Are you worried about teens and alcohol? You’re not alone. Across the nation, teen alcohol abuse is a big problem – the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance found that some 30% of teens reported drinking within the past 30 days. The risk is exacerbated by the fact that it may be hard to know for sure if a child is developing an alcohol problem,

Can dogs smell alcohol?

You Smell Different – When it comes to smell, it’s no secret that dogs have a much better sense of smell than we do. Some can even sniff out cancer or figure out when someone is pregnant based on the scents caused by a shift in hormones. For this reason, it’s no surprise that dogs can smell alcohol.

Can you hide the taste of alcohol?

FAQs – What cancels out the taste of alcohol? A pinch of salt, baking powder, and a little water may cancel out the taste of alcohol. Also, adding mixers like orange juice, lime juice, pineapple juice, and lemon juice can help mask the bitterness and make it a sweet, refreshing, and fruity cocktail ready for consumption.

What is the best container for alcohol?

With a no-nonsense design, Stanley’s Classic Flask is our top pick. We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more, Liquor / Chloe Jeong Whether your choice of drink is a single malt or a bit of hard lemonade or unpeated scotches for beginners, a good flask will make discreet drinking much more pleasant.

  • And while you may think any old flask will get the job done, there are a few things to consider.
  • First off, know where your flask will be carried to—is it for warming sips on big adventures, or for sly drinking? Second, pick your material accordingly.
  • If your flask is going to be slipped into a suit jacket, consider a sleek leather case.

If it will be tossing and tumbling in a backpack or hiking bag, consider a flask with a durable exterior. Either way, you’ll want a flask that won’t leave a metallic taste in your mouth and has an opening wide enough to sip comfortably on the latest of popular whiskey recipes you’ve researched. How To Hide Alcohol Courtesy of Amazon Stanley’s classic drinking flask is as quintessential a canteen as you can get. It hits the perfect sweet spot of affordable, thoughtfully constructed, and ultra-durable. The tote-anywhere flask has a sturdy, reliable body and holds a healthy 8 ounces of liquids.

  1. Made of 18/8 rugged stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulation keeps outside temperatures from affecting your flask.
  2. Opt for the retro, 70s-inspired Hammertone green color, or give your flask a more updated exterior with Polar white or matte black options.
  3. The never-lose cap is built into the design—no hunting for a dropped minuscule cap on the forest floor.

Hip flasks are usually designed to be petite (they traditionally fit in a pocket, after all) but the Stanley flask is available in 5- and 8-ounce options. Or, upgrade the flask to a set that includes four handy shot glasses. / Kate Dingwall How To Hide Alcohol Backcountry Though Snow Peak’s Titanium Curved Flask is a splurge, its Grade A titanium construction reflects that—it will hold up for years to come. Each flask is made with care and finished by hand in Niigata, Japan, with methods that have been passed down for generations.

The titanium flask is a step above a stainless steel flask—the material is stronger than steel, and boasts highly inert properties that make the metal incredibly anticorrosive. Titanium also doesn’t hold the flavors of its contents, so notes of peaty scotch won’t linger far after you’ve sipped the last drop.

This curved flask holds just over six shots of liquid (6.4 ounces). Each flask holds six shots of liquor (or 5.8 ounces), though smaller 4.7-ounce versions are also available. All flasks come with a synthetic leather case, a custom gift box, and a replenishing funnel. How To Hide Alcohol Amazon GSI Outdoor’s lightweight flask is prepared for all terrains: it’s wallet-friendly, super-tough, and carries a hefty 10 ounces of booze. The flask is made with durable, shatter-resistant resin, outfitted with a grippy silicone bumper—drop it, bump it, and the flask will prevail.

  • Though note that its construction makes it tough to slip in pockets.) The boulder flask has the classic appeal of a glass flask but without the risks of breaking or shattering (and the cumbersome nature of glass flasks).
  • The clear exterior means you can tell exactly how much booze is left.
  • The exterior of the flask is marked with graduations for simple measuring, while the opening pours easily and is large enough to sip from comfortably.

Related: The Best Cheap Scotch How To Hide Alcohol Uncrate This sleek flask from Rabbit is one of the smoothest ways to store liquor on the go. A subtle cap hides the traditional flask shape, but pop off the cap and you’ll find a smart flask model. Each flask is designed by a team of wine and cocktail lovers out of Seattle—the designers combine form and function, classic shapes, and pure geometry.

  • Case in point, this updated hip flask is perfect for the modern drinker.
  • A suave, matte black silicone exterior with classic gold accents gives a subtle art deco appeal.
  • Design aside, the flask is made with high-quality stainless steel and features a leak-free lid that snaps open and closes with ease—no twisting required (in other words, you can open the flask with one hand).

Each flask has a liquid capacity of 6.5 ounces. / Kate Dingwall How To Hide Alcohol Huckberry Well-suited for taking on a quick hike, camping trip, or to the park, this share-ready flask from High Camp comes equipped with everything you need to split a drink with friends. The flask comes with two, six-shooter tumblers that attach seamlessly to the body of the flask using a magnetic locking system—the world’s first magnetic flask built for the outdoors.

Each cup attaches to the BPA- and phthalate-free stainless steel flask. The lid is equipped with a leak-proof stainless steel plug cap with a silicone seal. This double-wall vacuum-insulated flask holds 750mL—enough to hold an entire bottle of wine, whiskey, or your spirit of choice. Its leak-proof design also means you can pack the flask anywhere without worrying about your hiking clothes smelling like rum.

Good to Know: Be cautious of the flasks you purchase. Many are made in bulk, constructed with cheap metals. Paying a little extra can go a long way, and look for stainless steel: an inexpensive alloy that is corrosion-resistant and lightweight. How To Hide Alcohol BruMate BruMate’s bold canteens come in a range of statement-making patterns, from shimmering rose gold to funky tie-dye to black and white marble. Though the patterns look contemporary, this design is modeled after war-time gasoline cans, giving it a distinctly retro aesthetic.

  • The flask features a drop-proof silicone cover and a lid secured via a bendable silicone attachment.
  • Each flask stands 6 inches high and holds 8 ounces of liquor.
  • The brand’s line of flasks (along with its other products) is made of BevGuard technology that moderates temperatures—making it perfect for toasty or frigid conditions.

BevGuard also prevents the metallic aftertaste that’s often found in stainless steel flasks, meaning the metal won’t leech or taint your drinks. If it does, send the flask back—the brand guarantees a lifetime warranty. / Kate Dingwall Related: The Best Bourbons Under $50 How To Hide Alcohol Uncommon Goods Heading out into the great outdoors? This VSSL Wilderness Navigation Flask is equipped with everything you need for a good day of hiking, While it looks like a flashlight to the untrained eye, the lid unscrews to unveil a glass-lined flask (the glass lining won’t pick up unwanted odors).

Also, hidden away in the flask? Two collapsible shot glasses, a bottle opener, plus outdoor essentials, like a working flashlight with a 4-mode LED light (including red and SOS) and a compass. The flask holds 9 ounces of liquid and stands 9 inches tall. It is made from military-grade aluminum. Batteries are included. / Kate Dingwall Related: The Best Rums How To Hide Alcohol Courtesy of Amazon If you’re shopping for flasks on a budget, Bormioli Rocco makes an excellent option. It’s budget-friendly and holds a generous 8.5 ounces of liquid. This flask is also made with glass, which won’t take on the flavors of whatever is inside.

  1. Consider this flask a great option if you’re infusing spirits, or, use it for olive oils or other liquids in the kitchen.
  2. The swing bottle stopper provides a strong, leak-proof seal.
  3. Expect durable quality—the brand is known for making reliable glassware for bars.
  4. Of note, since this flask is glass it will make it prone to breakage if you’re tossing it in a hiking pack or picnic basket.

Another downside is it is quite heavy, so it will be hefty to carry around. / Kate Dingwall How To Hide Alcohol Amazon Viski’s flask leans heavily on design, with a smooth copper finish and high-end look. It’s on the smaller side, able to hold just six ounces of liquid, but that said, at five inches tall it’s small enough to slip into a coat breast pocket or denim pocket.

This flask is plated in polished copper-plated stainless steel on the outside, with an finish that protects your drink from taking on any metallic flavors. Viski specializes in professional-quality barware, so trust this flask will hold up over time. This flask requires hand washing and to keep it lustrous, a good polish every 6 months.

The cap screws on and is not attached. / Kate Dingwall Related: The Best Canadian Whiskies

Does deodorant mask alcohol?

How to Get Rid of Alcohol Breath –

Use Mouthwash

How To Hide Alcohol Dentists are used to the saying: Floss, Brush, and Irrigate (FBI). The most important part at this point is the irrigation. Let’s assume you flossed and brushed your teeth; you will need to irrigate. You can use a mouthwash from reputable brands like Colgate or Listerine.

Brush Your Teeth

How To Hide Alcohol Brushing your teeth with toothpaste can help reduce the smell of alcohol. At the same time, just like with mouthwash, it disturbs all the bad bacteria and flushes it out. Make sure to brush your teeth before going to bed after a full night to avoid waking up with an unpleasant taste on your tongue.

Take a Shower or a Bath

Alcohol is absorbed into your lungs which is why you produce an odor from your breath. Your pores also produce an alcoholic scent that can make your body stink. If your body reeks of alcohol, taking a nice bath or shower will help clean your pores of alcohol and the sweat you build up while drinking.


How To Hide Alcohol Gum can only override the smell of alcohol for a short while. While the flavor of gum quickly diminishes it does kill some bacteria, and chewing gum helps produce saliva which does clean and wet the mouth.

Breath Mints

How To Hide Alcohol Breath mints are a quick and easy fix when you’re pressed for time. You can easily keep a packet of gum or a tin of breath mints in your pocket in case of immediate emergency.

Onion and Garlic

How To Hide Alcohol Both onion and garlic produce a powerful smell that radiates from your pores and mouth. You may not want to kiss someone afterwards, but because these smells are also excreted through your pores they combat one strong odor with another. If you are comfortable with the smell of garlic and onion, you might want to use raw garlic or onion as a remedy.


How To Hide Alcohol The extreme smell from coffee can override the smell of alcohol. Drinking black coffee with no sugar or milk gives you the best results within seconds. It is recommended to swish the coffee around your mouth before swallowing.

Peanut Butter

How To Hide Alcohol If you enjoy sweet and creamy peanut butter, then you can use peanut butter to mask the smell that is generated from alcohol. The peanut oil produces a pleasant and stronger smell that overshadows the smell of alcohol.


How To Hide Alcohol Lemon is yet another useful organic remedy you can use to mask alcoholic odors. It contains citrus compounds. These compounds help to reduce the accumulated toxins and the smell of alcohol. The acidity will help cleanse your mouth of germs and flush out your system.


Aromatic herbs like parsley can be used to get rid of alcohol breath. Parsley has antibacterial and deodorizing properties that help eliminate the stench of spirits from your mouth and stomach. An easy method is to simply eat straight parsley or coriander leaves, or you could cook them up in a dish such as a stir fry or chop it up fresh to garnish a dish with.


The yellow mustard found in your fridge, or a bar, or a restaurant is a perfect remedy to stave off alcohol breath. This spicy condiment has a sharp smell, which can mask the smell of alcohol.

Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is known for its ability to mask the smell of skunk spray. Since it can help eliminate such a vile and overpowering stink, you can be assured that the juice is highly effective at masking alcohol’s odor.

Drink a Lot of Water

This piece of advice never gets old. We all know how important it is to drink enough water. Drinking alcohol leads to dehydration and once the mouth is dry, it begins to harbor more bacteria, which intensifies bad odors. Sipping water when drinking alcohol will help you stay hydrated.

Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon sticks are yet another effective natural remedy for bad breath. Cinnamon contains essential oils with antibiotic effects which can help reduce bacteria in the mouth. Cinnamon also has a lovely scent that can cover bad breath that results from alcohol. Cinnamon is great brewed in tea.

Use Perfume, Cologne or Deodorants

You can use cologne or perfume on a specific body part to mask the smell of alcohol. While it doesn’t fix the scent of your breath, perfumes and colognes can mask an unpleasant smell. Whatever your reason for needing to cover up your alcohol breath, the tips and tricks listed above can be used anytime and anywhere to help you mask the smell.

Does baking soda hide alcohol?

Don’t Miss A Drop – Get the latest in beer, wine, and cocktail culture sent straight to your inbox. But when probed about whether there’s any validity to the technique to begin with, motives aside? Arnold’s not so sure. “It may just be that they’re just not offended by the horrible taste of baking soda,” he says.

  • It’s going to give it a little bit of a soapy taste; maybe that reduces the perception of the alcohol.” As for scientific evidence backing up the trick, Arnold says that there is research that shows baking soda to be effective at masking the flavor of some bitter drugs.
  • Sodium bicarbonate, especially when it’s allowed to stay in its alkaline regime, appears to be used by some people to mask certain flavors,” he says, adding that salt has been historically used in the same way.

@vinepair Not vibing with the baking soda hack #vinepair #drinkingisculture #bakingsoda #bakingsodahack #drinkhacks #lifehacks ♬ original sound – VinePair Perhaps unsurprisingly, scientists have yet to specifically research baking soda’s effects on booze, but Arnold imagines its basic pH could mask the bitterness of alcohol as well — as long as your cocktail doesn’t include lemon or lime juice.

  • The kid that I watched didn’t put any citrus in his horrible vodka soda,” he says, explaining that doing so would,of course, neutralize the baking soda by bringing down its pH.
  • If you’re asking me to guess,” he says, “I would say that the salt is there as both a flavor enhancer and also to mutate the flavor.

The bicarbonate is there to make it more basic, and perhaps to fool you with something that’s a different kind of disgusting.” Arnold also believes that the addition of baking soda would alter the mouthfeel of a cocktail, making it feel more slippery on the tongue.